[PD] OS X PD-Extended - help-path question

Luigi Rensinghoff luigi.rensinghoff at freenet.de
Sat Jul 19 12:03:52 CEST 2008

Hi List

A Little question about the helppath-startup flag...

I am using Pd version 0.40.3-extended-20080622 on OSX Macbook/Intel

The lib/path definitions finally work fine, but i wonder where i have  
to put an additional -helppath folder.

I made a patch where all the "mapping" - objects are collected, just  
to have an overview. And if i right click the objects i want the  
helpfile to open.

But instead the abstractions open. Even though the help files are in  
the help-browser in the subfolder 5.reference/mapping.

What should i do ??

1) Include the startup flag -helppath ... bla bla ? There i dont know  
if on apple the path has to be in  " "'s"

2) Add a new path ? So it doesnt make a difference if is "path" or  
"helppath" ??

3) Modify the puredata.org.plist file ??

4) Go back to use a .pdrc-file ??



Luigi Rensinghoff
luigi.rensinghoff at freenet.de

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