[PD] pdlua also into vanilla?

Ico Doornekamp pd at zevv.nl
Sun Jul 20 09:14:07 CEST 2008

* On 2008-07-20 Jack <jack at rybn.org> wrote  :

> Le 19 juil. 08 à 16:40, marius schebella a écrit :
> > Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> >>
> >> As a test yes, but not for the release.  It's changing too fast right
> >> now to maintain backwards compatibility, so including it would cause
> >> more problems than it would solve.
> >
> > I am not sure, if it really changes, or if it only adds new  
> > features. I
> > think the big problems (file naming, loader) are solved, but not sure.
> > I worked a lot with py/pyext and pdj in the past (which are also
> > candidates for pdx), but pdlua is the only scripting tool that can
> > easily integrate the language as a static library, because it is so
> > small. maintainance should be easier than with python and java.
> And what about PHP, it would be nice to have access directly to this  
> language with Pd, there is a lot of people knowing this language and  
> it is useful with MySQL and with query for the web ? It is often  
> installed on computer with Apache server and MySQL with LAMP, MAMP or  
> ++

I think in this case Lua really has some advantages over PHP. It is
designed to be used as en embedded scripting and configuration language.
The source is extremely portable (99% ANSI C) and compact (compiler +
runtime typically < 150Kb), and runs completely standalone without the
need for other libraries.

PHP might add too much overhead. It has a huge API for all kind of
(mostly web-related) things, it is much harder to embed in existing
applications, brings in tons of dependencies and is *much* bigger then
Lua or TCL.


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