[PD] saving state of a patch

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 20:39:16 CEST 2008

Michal Seta wrote:
> Hi Atte
> The best way to start using memento is to get a patch that works, copy
> and paste the guts into your own and adapt.  That is, providing that
> memento works at all on your system.  There is a guide on footils.org
> that should get you started with the ideas behind the system.  It
> works fine for me (I don't have pd handy right now so I cannot offer
> any specific pointers).
> An alternative is apparently part of the pdmtl abstractions
> http://wiki.dataflow.ws/PdMtlAbstractions
> I saw a presentation on if bu have not yet tried it.  It is, arguably,
> simpler to adopt than memento.

Both seems complex, and although I appreciate RRADical's (which it seems 
memento is part of) "paradigm", I'm still quite new to PD and would like 
to make a few mistakes and learn a few lessons before I "just" adopt 
someone else's approach.

However, http://footils.org/cms/show/1#persistence suggests that two, 
more basic, options exist: state and pool.

1) State. I can instantiate it in my 0.40-3extended-20080628 (under 
linux), but there's no state-help.pd anywhere. Where can I read about 
it? The above link mentions it "only saves gui", I might want to save 
content of table/arrays, is that not considered "gui"? If not, is there 
an obvious and therefore elegant of saving guis + tables/arrays with state?

2) Pool. I have the pool-help.pd file, but I cannot instantiate pool, 
isn't that part of pd-extended? I tried downloading it and compiling it 
myself, but failed:
atte at ajstrup:~/music/synth/pd/externals/pool$ bash 
/usr/lib/pd/doc/manuals/flext/tutorial/build.sh linux pd gcc
bash: ../build.sh: No such file or directory
Obviously I have no clue about using flext, could someone help me 
getting this working?

At the end of the day, what would be the best bet, state, pool, memento 
or pdmtl?

I should note that what I'm trying to do is work out some abstractions 
for live electronica, and now I need a way to save piece1.pd and 
another_piece.pd which contains one or more instances of one or more of 
my abstractions, complete with gui settings and all. If I could just 
press "save all this, so everything I loaded in this patch is exactly 
the same when I open it again" I'd be sooo happy :-)

peace, love & harmony

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