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Luigi Rensinghoff luigi.rensinghoff at freenet.de
Mon Jul 21 18:30:01 CEST 2008


if you just need to save for example the "initial" state of the patch  
- and since you said you are a beginner.

1) Use number2 instead of number, like toggle it has an "init/no  
init" switch, so it saves one state.

2) You can send all the parameters you want to save to a messagebox,  
just with | set $1 (. With clever naming and the use of abstractions  
you dont have to do much wiring
	But be careful: Message Boxes dont save their state within  
subpatches so they have to be in the "parent" patch. And actually  
when PD crashes a lot it is a bit dangerous, because you may loose
         all your settings before you can save them. of course you  
can as well use textfile ore arrays, but just for saving ONE state  
like the initial one you can get along with that, without having to  
use sssad or memento.

         On the other hand: sooner or later you will need them ;-) So  
you can also dive into it from the beginning ;-)

Best Luigi

If you need an example patch, let me know

Am 17.07.2008 um 17:46 schrieb Atte André Jensen:

> Hi
> I'm trying to build something generic for performing live with pd and
> for the most parts, it's going really well.
> But I need to save the state of "everything" (a patch with some
> instances of some abstractions), so that the widgets will preserve  
> their
> state between sessions.
> I looked into memento, but couldn't make it do anything useful, not  
> even
> the manuals/memento/* stuff. Is memento broken and if not, could  
> someone
> provide a brief example of how to use it. If broken, what other  
> options
> are there?
> Thanks in advance for any response.
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