[PD] make money not art

Enrique Erne enrique at netpd.org
Tue Jul 22 06:35:57 CEST 2008

raul diaz wrote:
> Hi List!
> Sorry for the delayed answer...
> I find really interesting marius' topic.
> I was fighting with standalone application with processing+pd, but I only
> made a *.bat file which runs processing executable and pd. This *.bat allows
> to specify any pd configurations (audio rate, libraries, gui/nogui, etc..).
> But the problem of this kind of standalone based on bat file is that is only
> available for windows.
> I haven't knowledge on binaries packages and distributions for different OS.
> But I suposse some people on this list would have some experience with this
> kind of binary data and distributions, and I would like to know its opinion
> about possibilities for pd+gem or pd+processing standalone applications.
> That's a wonderfull way to build really interesting sound applications with
> friendly and nice interfaces.
> I'll wait for your ideas!
> Saludos!

hi raul

i did some tests on mac osx a while ago. so far i can open pd and a 
patch from processing. i suppose the best way to do configurations 
(nogui) would be with the pd.app internal .plist but it would have to 
ignore the .plist in ~/Library/Preferences. I haven't tried the 
standalone approach in recent pd-extended yet. I guess it would be a 
good thing if the patch could controll as much as possible of the 
configurration for example the externals.

so we got windows and macosx working...

how about building apps for linux?


btw: could we change the topic? "make applications", "processing+pd" or 
"pd+processing standalone applications"

import com.apple.cocoa.foundation.*;

void setup() {
   String script = "do shell script \"open -a 
Applications/Pd-extended.app/Contents/MacOS/Pd-extended ";

   script = script+"/Users/pd/Desktop/testing/yoyo.pd\"";


void executeScript(String script) {
   NSAppleScript myScript = new NSAppleScript(script);
   NSMutableDictionary errors = new NSMutableDictionary();

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