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You can set the value of the slider without having it sent back with 
a 'set' message

[ctlin 1]
[set $1(
[s rec]



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At 15:31 2008-07-22, you wrote:

>I have assigned a knob on my bcr2000 to a vertical slider in pd. Under
>the sliders properties, I have set send-symbol and receive-symbol to
>"send" and "rec". I then have
>[ctlin 1]
>[/ 127]
>[s rec]
>[r send]
>[* 127]
>[ctlout 1]
>This basically works, the upper one is receiving from the bcr and moving
>the fader in pd, the lower one is updating the display on the bcr when
>the knob is moved in pd.
>The problem is that pd sends it's send-symbol, even if the fader is
>moved as a result of the receive-symbol. This means that the bcr get's
>the value right back, with a small delay, which causes the whole to be
>very reluctent to accept movements from the bcr.
>I could make some logic that doesn't send the value back if it was
>received from midi, but thought I'd ask if there was a simpler solution?
>For instance is it possible to have pd's knobs *not* send it's
>send-symbol if the fader was moved as a result of a receive-symbol?
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