[PD] bcr2000 and midi-feedback

Jason Plumb jason at noisybox.net
Tue Jul 22 16:52:31 CEST 2008

 > The problem is that pd sends it's send-symbol, even if the fader is
 > moved as a result of the receive-symbol. This means that the bcr get's
 > the value right back, with a small delay, which causes the whole to be
 > very reluctent to accept movements from the bcr.

I had to solve a similar problem in a few patches with my bcr2000, so I 
wrote a few small "helper" abstractions.  I wanted to be able to move 
the controller and have it update a UI element in pd, and vice versa -- 
and I needed them to be in sync all the time.  You can get these two 
abstractions here:

They basically encapsulate the logic around spigot as Luigi suggested. 
Input the signal from a UI element (slider/ui/etc) into the top and feed 
back the control output back to the UI element.  They're simple, so you 
should hopefully be able to extend them easily.  They're a little stupid 
in that they assume a control range with 0 at the low end...but they 
helped clean up some patches and keep things in sync.


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