[PD] is $0 the same on every load?

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 08:16:32 CEST 2008

Chris McCormick wrote:

> I understand. You want "throw-away" auto-ids. I'm not sure if anyone has
> come up with a satisfactory way of doing that, but I will have a think
> about it.

At least auto-ids. They shouldn't be thrown more away than they are the 
same next time :-)

> Incidentally, How I handle timing is I have a global timer [s-metro]
> that keeps going up and up, and I use [mod 4] to (for example) have a
> loop of 4 ticks or [mod 32] for 32 ticks. Sometimes I get crazy and add
> together two [mod]s to get some weird sounding rhythms.

Sounds just like mine. Except I need the concept of "parts" (like in 
verse, chorus, etc). I've put some basic stuff together that allow me to 
specify 8 parts. Each part have a length, and a "goto"-part so when a 
part is done it goes to the next one. Besides this you can "request" a 
certain part to come up next. This is all reflected and controlled from 
my bcr.

What this means for my "ticker" is that it has on/off switches for each 
part, so a given ticker might only output if we're playing part 0 or 2.

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