[PD] sssad slowness

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jul 23 09:36:48 CEST 2008

Enrique Erne wrote:

> i did some testing with sssad-help.pd and the modified sssad.
> 1) inside the [sssad key] only the first (most top) instance of sssad 
> has the active toggle. i guess that's due to creation order.

one thing i noticed is that your version does not work "on the fly",
everything works fine wwhen you open a new patch containing 2 instances 
of [sssad key].

however, it doesn't always work so like this. e.g.:
if i create a new [sssad key] object it will be "first" (toggle on)
if i create another [sssad key] object, it will be "first" again! 
(toggle on).

i haven't done any functional tests.


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