[PD] PD] request assistance with crackles and pops in VFOs driven, by modulating accelerometer signals

Darren Kelly darren at webel.com.au
Thu Jul 24 14:26:00 CEST 2008

Hi Collin,

Collin Oldham wrote:
> I think you are getting those crackles from the atoms (number boxes) 
> that are trying to redraw every time they get a new number from the 
> accelerometers. (which is probably pretty often!) ..
That makes a lot of sense, thanks, I really appreciate the suggestion.

I am trying it right now:
i disabled the number boxes on the WiiOSC accelerometer patches, and 
also the sliders on my Condition patch,
and disabled visual output to sliders and L R arrays on my StereoOutput 
and the GEM windows with visuals are not open (although still "fed"),
so there is no visual output at all.

I have convinced myself that it is a bit smoother, however there are 
still some slight "crackles".

Some may be instability in the accelerometer signals from the Wiimotes,
however they look rather stable in the DarwiinRemoteOSC views.
I will report back in a few days after some more diagnostics.

Do you know whether the updates on sliders are faster than on 
atom/number boxes ?
I can live without frequent updates on the number boxes in my 
WiiOSC.pd,  however
I need at least some rapid visual diagnostics on the conditioned signals,
if the GEM monitor visuals aren't running I need the 3 Condition.pd XYZ 



If I can't make more progress I'll make some exact diagnostic audio 
recordings and examine them.



Darren Kelly, BSc, PhD
phone: +61 (2) 9386 0090
post: PO Box 1816, Bondi Junction, NSW 1355, Australia

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