[PD] request assistance with crackles and pops in VFOs, driven by modulating accelerometer signals

Darren Kelly darren at webel.com.au
Thu Jul 24 14:41:34 CEST 2008

hard off wrote:
> if you attach a [dac~] directly to the osc~ object, do you still get
> crackles?
There isn't just 1 [osc~] object in the whole system, there are (at 
least) 6, 3 for each of 2 triaxial accelerometers.

If I try an [osc~] into a [dac~] independently there is no problem 
(driven "by hand").

I'll try again just driving the frequency of 1 [osc~] with 1 dimension 
of 1 accelerometer (happens to be a Wiimote via OSC).
> if not, then i guess your problem might lie further down the line.
> looking at your PAN module, the panning amount is sent as a float into [*~ ]
> objects without [line~] smoothing.  that would be the likeliest culprit i
> reckon.
A good idea to improve that anyway, and I did, however there is no 
obvious audio improvement.

hard off also wrote:
> by the way, is it even possible to get clicks when rapidly changing osc~
> speeds?  i didn't think it was, and i have never experienced that.
Precisely why I am "bamboozled", it may well have another cause in my 
wider synthesis system.
(I have used a quite similar accelerometer audio synthesis system for 
years in JSyn without this trouble).

Thanks for taking the trouble to consider my situation and challenge my 
assumptions, appreciated,

I'll keep looking/listening, and try breaking things back down to a very 
simple test suite first,


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