[PD] Save RAM memory usage ?

Solen Music solenpuredata at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 24 20:18:25 CEST 2008

ah indeed. a table of the array sizes. i'll get on that.

until now i've been grabbing the array size (using [arraysize]
external) on the fly whenever an array was called into tabread4~


2008/7/24 hard off <hard.off at gmail.com>:
> i would assume that the size of the [table16] tables would just be half of
> the original tables that soundfiler creates.. so, if you have your [table16]
> objects indexed with integers (and i guess you do if you have 1400 of them),
> then you would just take the original array size, halve it, and then write
> that size into a seperate table of table sizes.
> ie, you have a table, lets call it [table arraysizes] of size 1400, and you
> write values for the size of each of your 1400 samples at the index point of
> each sample.  then when you want to play back a sample, you tell tabplay~ or
> tabread4~ or whatever to playback sample number x, and to get the size of
> that sample you just send a value of x to [tabread arraysizes]



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