[PD] GEM and GeForce4 MX 64mb

smills at rootsix.net smills at rootsix.net
Fri Jul 25 12:39:09 CEST 2008


I thought i would give GEM a go last night and it seems really
cool...probably an understatement! :)

One thing, i set the antialiasing on with [FSAA 4( and it works, except
that the top left quarter of the gemwin is all glitchy - literally like a
square portion of garbled looking mess with polgons missing. The rest  is
absolutely fine.

Do i need to adjust settings somewhere, or is my gfx card not up to it?
I've never had problems with it before.

This is on a Pbook g4 1ghz, GeForce4 MX mb, os x 10.4.11

many thanks

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