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cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Sun Jul 27 00:11:11 CEST 2008

marius schebella a écrit :
> cyrille henry wrote:
>> hello,
>> for those which are interested, here is some work that i recently made with pd/Gem :
> that's beautiful!

>> http://drpichon.free.fr/ch/article.php?id_article=88
> do you create the noise from a procedural algorithm, or is this based on 
> picture information? the ones in the middle look like they are based on 
> images? the shape patterns look amazing!
yes, the noise comes from a picture.

>> http://drpichon.free.fr/ch/article.php?id_article=80
>> http://drpichon.free.fr/ch/article.php?id_article=76
> the trees look beautiful. do you have rules for different tree types?
i don't have lot's of rules.
but i have lot's of diferents way to control the random.

> maya/autodesk (which costs 2000-5000$) includes paint effects, which let 
> you create trees and I think they are based on l-systems, too. did you 
> ever look at these? 
> http://www.highend3d.com/maya/tutorials/dynamics_fx/246.html. I know 
> this is not compareable, just wanted to add my .9 c.
>> http://drpichon.free.fr/ch/article.php?id_article=95
> in the description I read, "By combining virtual body art and digital 
> painting, this work offers to the spectator a new experience of his body 
> in the public space."
i did not write this text. it's a work i made for an artist...
the public was able to add some color thanks to a camara caption.

> this is an interesting aspect, because of the 
> combination of church (with strong regulations of who is allowed to be 
> inside and who has to stay outside) and spectators (which seem to be 
> people who look at the church from outside, but not the people inside 
> the church itself?). usually the important things happen "inside" and 
> whatever is projected onto the church from outside does not bother 
> anybody inside...? in contrast to american mega churches with basically 
> glass walls and tens of tv cameras, where the prayers want to become the 
> spectacle. I guess in your installation people looking at the church 
> influence "only" the wrapping.
> sorry I guess I am off topic... the projections themselves look 
> impressive, did you get this running as an animation?
yes, but i don't have videos.
> did you use 
> shaders for the image distortions?
yes, + texture feedback 

>> http://drpichon.free.fr/ch/article.php?id_article=94
> these remind me a little bit of some work I have seen (not so much the 
> technology, but how it looks in the room) by theo watson 
> http://muonics.net/site_docs/work.php?id=41, but his is more for kids. 
> It also looks like you got alpha blending working with the flowers. did 
> you find a method to sort the shapes so that they are rendered from the 
> back to the front?
no, i render each flower without deph test.

thanks for your comments.

> thanks very much for sharing, I hope I can see some pieces in real 
> performance soon.
> good luck,
> marius.
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