[PD] Pd/MAX grudge match in Toronto next Thursday

Dafydd Hughes dafydd61 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 17:41:32 CEST 2008

Hi folks

So the event was a success - lots of fun, good-natured competition,
beer and general nonsense.

Pd won 9-6, but several people pointed out that since there was only
one person on the MAX team and two on Pd, maybe the score should have
been 6-4.5 in MAX's favour. Before the final Pong match the score was
4-2 for Pd. We then won Pong 5-4 and added the scores together.

Pd crashed once during the final challenge (building Pong, which
neither team actually ended up doing - we both used the versions we'd
built previously as we were running out of time). David composed a
scathing error report to Apple. MAX forfeited on one challenge (make
Nohands dance), also for time reasons.

One really interesting thing is that both our host, Misha Glouberman
and one blogger, Jordan, neither of whom had had any experience with
patching, seemed to come away with the impression that Pd is much
easier and more efficient to use than MAX.

Pictures here:

Video here:

A great blog post, pictures and video here:

We're already thinking of ways we could do it better next time and of
variations on the theme.


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