[PD] Announcing availability of a PureData+GEM prototype of the Drancing accelerometer music system for the Wiimote

Darren Kelly darren at webel.com.au
Mon Jul 28 11:37:02 CEST 2008

[Resending this posting from last week since I realized the first was 
sent as HTML not plain text]


My name is Darren Kelly, and I've been developing a gestural synthesis 
accelerometer music system I call *Drancing* for over a decade:


*Drancing (*named after "Drumming by Dancing") is an "air instrument".

I've recently developed a PureData+GEM prototype of *Drancing* for Mac 
OS X with the Wiimote as wireless 3D accelerometer via Bluetooth:

    http://www.webel.com.au/project/drancing/wii             (includes 

(The original version 1997-2002 used MIDI, and from 2002+ I developed a 
real-time Java synthesis version using JSyn audio synthesis
and Java3D visuals, with UML-driven port-based engineering. The 
*Drancing* accelerometer sensor suit uses 5 Xbow 3D accelerometers.)

One can download the PureData *Drancing* prototype for Mac OS X 
(includes step-by-step instructions for the Wiimotes, too):


This is strictly an unsupported prototype, however I welcome feedback on 
trials from Pure Data users at drancing at webel.com.au.

There is a comprehensive set of screenshots and explanations of the 
PureData and GEM patches:

    http://www.webel.com.au/project/drancing/puredata    (overview of 
audio synthesis skin and GEM visuals)
    (detailed patches)

There is also a SysML systems engineering signal processing mockup of 
some PureData patches here:


(I work professionally with UML and SysML-driven modelling, simulation, 
and control of scientific instruments, as
well as UML-driven software engineering, and I would like to eventually 
use SysML diagrams as synthesis patches.)

In principle the *Drancing.pd *prototype could work on any O/S, however 
the Wiimote signal acquisition currently relies
on Andreas Schlegels' adapted DarwiinRemoteOSC for Mac OS X, and also 
only works for 2 Wiimotes (I may
expand this PureData version to work with 5 triaxial accelerometers, 
like my original "body star" Drancing suit).

Some of the patches are quite naive (especially I would like to get more 
sense of vector handling in the patches)
and I am getting some unwelcome clicks and pops etc., which problems are 
the topic of the posting following this.

Hoping this is of interest to the Pure Data community,


Darren Kelly, Bondi, Sydney, Australia

May I extend my thanks to Miller Puckette, IRCAM, IEM, and all the 
PureData and GEM developers,
whose synthesis software and examples made this rapid synthesis 
prototyping work for Drancing possible.
Thanks also to Prof. Christopher Dobrian for helpful online examples. 
And thanks to Hiroaki Kimura for
the original DarwiinRemote and to Andreas Schlegel from adapting 
DarwiinRemote to DarwiinRemote OSC

Darren Kelly, BSc, PhD
phone: +61 (2) 9386 0090
post: PO Box 1816, Bondi Junction, NSW 1355, Australia

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