[PD] How do I do this (clean looping)?!

Ed Kelly morph_2016 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 29 04:12:51 CEST 2008

Difficult! You can try using zeroxpos~ to find out where the zero-crossings are relative to the pd dsp block start, but you need to know where it is in relation to the start of the array. Perhaps I need to write another external to give a sample accurate "where in the block is the initial bang" reading. Perhaps someone has done it already?

Then you could use bang~ to count the blocks, zeroxpos~ to measure the offset within a block, and another external to find the inital offset from the start of the block when the recording began.

But, although zero-crossings will take away non-zero-crossing based clicks, the instantaneous burst of energy caused by a discontinuity in the energy of the sound will still give you an audible "jump" in the sound. Some windowing is your best option, probably...

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    I'm building a little time 
domain abstraction that captures audio from an input and writes it on the 
fly to an array, this array is then beeing red continuously as a loop (as a 
result, the incoming sound seems to "freeze", see what I mean?). my problem is 
avoiding clicks at both ends of the loop; right now, I'm trying to use time 
based triggers to create a "windowing" function so that the amplitude of the 
loop is zero at both ends, butI was wondering if there was a way to tell pd to 
start and stop it's recording process at zero crossing points, or to truncate 
its reading points a bit so that the beginnig and the end of the loop are zero. 
Can anyone help me in this?!
Thanks a lot!!

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