[PD] New sssad.pd now in SVN repository - please test! [was: sssad slowness]

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Jul 29 12:10:01 CEST 2008

Hallo Enrique,
Enrique Erne hat gesagt: // Enrique Erne wrote:

> That looks great. 

hehe, I already committed it. ;)

> Still, personally I will initialize all keys, this 
> guarantees to always have complete presets.
> [loadbang]
>  |
> [;
> SSSAD vol 20, freq 42, other 1.2345(

Yes, that's probably good practice.

> Basically i would like it if there was a possibility to let some SSSAD 
> instances in a new patch output the value. Attached SSSAD has a possible 
> solution.
> case 4) ___________________________________
> [loadbang]
>  |
> [;
> SSSAD vol 0.5, vol bang(
>      [sssad vol]
>     /
> [*~]
> How about something like that? [SSSAD vol bang( could be used to specify 
> one key to output it's value. One more [route bang] would be required.
> One could argue [SSSAD vol bang( should delete the value, but i can't 
> think of a use of having a key without value.

Hm, maybe it could be nice to at least have the possibility to reset a
key, and the "SSSAD"-receiver kind of represents the right, cold
inlet. I tend to think of [sssad] like a variant of [list] and

OTOH the syntax "SSSAD vol 0.5, vol bang" looks nice.

Attached is a different approach for comparison: Here I introduced two
new messages for SSSAD_ADMIN: "setonly KEY" and "saveonly KEY". It may
be cleaner to reuse the original messages and check if the user
supplied a specific key: "set KEY" to only set this key, but I didn't
manage to patch this (in a clean and simple way) that quick.

In the near future there will be some more SSSAD_ADMIN messages I'd
like to support: "setlocal" and "savelocal" to save to receivers
called "$2-SSSAD_ADMIN" where $2 will usually be the parent's $0, to
allow saving of all/some [sssad]s with canvas-local scope.

 Frank Barknecht                                     _ ______footils.org__
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