[PD] gallery section (Was:Re: [PD-announce] some works done with pd)

Steffen Juul stffn at dibidut.dk
Wed Jul 30 08:54:32 CEST 2008

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On 29/07/2008, at 19.36, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

> This reminds me, we really need that gallery section on puredata.info
> to show stuff like this off...  It was so close to completion, anyone
> want to take it live?

First off, i'm the slack bus-hit someone that didn't complete the  
gallery (ie. the exhibition) section mentioned.

I have been meaning to get back about it, but decided to not do it  
till i had more solid things to offer then ideas. Well, now i'll have  
to push in the ideas without the solid stuff. I'll be brief and leave  
out (most of) my reasons:

* I think the exhibition section should be discarded. It has in parts  
been replaced by a goto10 project (that reach much wider in scope  
though) and more importantly - to put it diplomatically - the  
publishing scheme is not compatible with the target community.

* There should instead be made weblog sync point for Pd related  
weblogs posts á la ProcessingBlogs. It should be simple to manage:  
Anyone wanting their Pd related weblogs posts to be in the common  
feed should supply a feed url with a "tag" for the Pd related posts  
in their feed. Either to a person doing the management (could be done  
in turns) or if possible through the IEM/Pd.info/plone-setup thing.

* Also there should be a concise wiki page with examples of what  
could be done with Pd. People writing that would want to suppress  
there ego for a second and think about what newcomers would most- 
likely want to see when looking into what Pd is by what can be done  
in Pd. Also therefore it shouldn't seek all the outer limits but  
include stuff like a simple algo-composing and loop-sampler example.

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