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This looks promising!


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It's weird how many projects are in the pipeline here at the CPS>>
please particiapte in at least one!

the list of things:

1. Bloggin. (sorry i have to pimp this)
2. Join Artists for Change (Unite for Change)
3. Lumpen 17 Anniversary Action: July 4
4. Call for writers and Interns: Proximity magazine
5. Early warning. Select Media Festival 7 : Infoporn
6. Call for Work! Bridgeport All-Stars!


1.  We are bloggin. http://www.lumpentimes.blogspot.com/
Find out why you will hate Mc Cain and other stuff we found on the
innernet.  http://www.lumpentimes.blogspot.com/


2. Artists for Change (Unite for Change)
Saturday June 28, 2008
7pm - 9pm
@ The Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St

We don't usually endorse any politician, but we have to do everything we can
to stop Mc Cain from winning. Come out and join a new Obama inspired
organization that is having a way early Pre-party for Obama's victory.
Meet your fellow citizens that still have hope and figure out what cultural
workers can do together to increase the volume of awareness for the upcoming

"This event is about bringing all types of artists together to unite and
make a difference. We want all artists to unite and use their creative
powers and gain an overwhelming support for Barack Obama. You'll gather --
not just with Obama supporters, but with anyone who's tired of the politics
of the past and ready for something new -- to discuss our common vision for
the future. And you'll start planning how to build this movement across the
country in the weeks and months ahead. So, come join us for a brief (but
hearty) presentation and discussion about supporting Barack Obama. "

Please RSVP @ http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/4gldk


3. Lumpen 17 Anniversary Action July 4

July 4th 2008 (7pm - 2am)
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St

We are having a birthday party for the overground culture magazine, Lumpen.
Come celebrate 17 years of publishing, mayhem and action with us at the
Co-Pro Sphere. We will release #109, the 1968-2008 redux issue and have a
little celebration.

An installation and library of all our past issues and related projects will
be on display.  We will also be exhibiting some 1968 ephermera, posters and
art. Poster art from the May 1968 uprising, the Lumpen 1968 issue and other
Lumpen ephemera and stuff from the lumpen archives will be on display.  You
can take some of this stuff home with you.

In the Reuben Kincaid Project Room we will be featuring a solo show of
recent works by Rand Sevilla.

We might have our shit together and open up the Karaoke lounge.


Korean Polish Bar - B Q
(Get here around 8pm to eat)

Back in the 90s and the earl 2000s they made DVDS. We will screen some old

Pure Magical Love
Killer Whales

You can sign up to various projects and stuff at the Membership in Something

$5 donation will go towards the bands.


4. Call for writers and Interns: Proximity magazine

Speaking of magazine... Are you contributing to Proximity? Proximity is
Chicago's new art and culture magazine. It is the best art mag in Chicago.
if not the entire midwest!  And it's written by people like you. If you
haven't read a copy visit our blog to see where you can pick one up.

This is a last call for contributors for our second issue which we are
working on right now. We need your words by July 10, 2008.   If you want to
start simple then give us a holler  and email to ed at proximityagazine.com.

Proximity is accepting applications for internships. The commitment is
unpaid, and lasts 10-15 hours per week for 3-4 months. Ideal candidates are
hard-working, self-starting, meticulous, and interested in culture and
politics. Interns help with administration, work at monthly events, research
on new projects, and more. You will get first-hand experience in exhibition
programming, special events, fundraising and development, and administrative
operations. To apply, contact Rachael at proximitymagazine.com


5. Early warning. Select Media Festival 7 : Infoporn

Announcing the Seventh Annual Select Media Festival: INFOPORN
Deadline for submission: September 1, 2008

Heartbeats. Beverages. Products and byproducts. Things we make, and things
that make us. Seconds, minutes, millennia. From the mundane to the majestic,
it can all be documented, diagnosed, understood, dispersed. Right?

Graphs, charts, and maps record data, keep history, and document our
existence. Sometimes, they provide visual and aesthetic stimuli too. Select
Media 7: INFOPORN will be a visual explosion of these points and paths,
these executions and exercises and maps. We want to put these moments on
display, to measure them out out. We want to understand and appreciate; be
enraged, enlightened, amazed by them. We want to feast.


all media formats

Send your greatest hits or make something  new. Use color, shape, form,
sound. Use marbles or twigs. Use a computer, a camera, a crayon. The data is
the art and you are the simple stenographer. Measure it. Record it. Jot it
down, plot it out, pass it out, and capture it. Let us see it, let us relate
to it, let us celebrate or begin to understand it.

all media formats

Document the thing that has the greatest effect on your existence in
Chicago. Realign existing info, or imagine new ways of navigating the city.
Maps political or personal, realism or utopia, rollerblades or red tape,
online or inline: it's all legit. Draw conclusions if you want, but they are
not necessary. A publication/project will be created and released/exhibited
at the festival.


September 1, 2008

Send PDFs, posters, boxes of dirt, publications, CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes,
crayon boxes, maps in bottles, urls, ftp sites, etc. to:

Select Media Festival 7
960 W 31st Street
Chicago Il 60608

or email smfinfoporn at gmail.com

other contact info::

ph: 773.837.0145

Edmar  <ed(at)lumpen.com>
Gregory Calvert <gregoryjcalvert(at)gmail.com>


6. Call for Work! Bridgeport All-Stars!

Do you live in Bridgeport, the community of the future? Are you an artist or
cultural worker that makes stuff? Then send us an email at edmarlumpen (at)
gmail.com We are seeking fresh work to check out made by inhabitants from
the 'Port for possible inclusion in a group show that will open on August 8,
2008 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere. http://www.lumpen.com/CPS/about.html

We want to see your work by July 1, 2008 So get your shit together.

The Bridgeport All Stars exhibition will showcase the fantastic array of
work made by the secret stars of the overground art scene bubbling forth
from the Southside. Please send us a website url , sample jpegs and
whatever. Show is curated by the C-PS welcoming committee.


Thanks for enduring the long emails ! We love you. Please do get involved.


To change your subscription preferences, go here:


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