[PD] physical modelling/general pd - mentor/tuition sought (money offered)

Julian Brooks julian.brooks at virgin.net
Thu Aug 7 13:30:51 CEST 2008

Hi all,


I have a 12 month project as part of a masters degree, where I wish to build
a physical model of a wind chime.  I then want to use the interface to play
some of my indeterminate compositions.  I was going to attempt it for my
undergraduate degree but realised that it was far too complex for the
available time that I had then.


I have been using pd for a few years now, list lurking, working through
basic examples, building simple tools, using other peoples patches etc.  But
this is too complex for me to do on my own.  At my uni there isn't anyone
with better skills than me and I don't know of any local fellow patchers.


Now as a musician, when I need to up my skills, I will look to find some
lessons when I have got as far as I can on my own.


So here goes...


Is there anyone with an hour a week to spare who can offer some
mentoring/tuition for what we can deem to be the 'going rate'.  I am more
than happy to do this remotely/online, I'm sure there is a way we can work
it out.  There would be full credit given of course.  


Pmpd seems like the way to go with this.  I have worked through the
examples, and, although I have my eye on what examples I would presume to be
the best starting points, I'm struggling to get started.  The physical
modelling is where I first need to start but there's loads of pd stuff I
would like to be able to work through with someone, so this could be a (me
love you)longtime regular small money earner, if anyone's interested.


I am in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK, by the way.  Any pd'ers local,
give us a shout.


Best wishes to all,



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