[PD] sequencer app for osx

Damian Stewart damian at frey.co.nz
Sat Aug 9 21:43:32 CEST 2008

Martin Peach wrote:

>> (since i haven't yet found a pure Pd sequencer i'm happy with)
> What makes you sad about Pd sequencers? Maybe it's fixable.

have you ever used Ableton's MIDI sequencer? it's a piano roll, with blocks 
for notes. drag start and end points to control noteon/noteoff points. 
quantize to a grid of any size you want (switchable with a hot-key) or turn 
off quantization completely to finetune timing (for that little 'humanized' 
extra, whatever that might mean). super-intuitive scroll and zoom with a 
single mouse button drag in the top. the main features in this i'm 
interested in is the quantization grid control, and the ability to super 
fine-tune note durations.

lines down the bottom control velocity. if you have two notes on the piano 
roll trigger at the same time, it's super-easy to choose which note's 
velocity you're editing.

i don't believe it's do-able in Pd, not without a ridiculous amount of 
work, and i'm too lazy to do the work myself (and if i wasn't, i'd do it 
from scratch in a different programming language eg Processing or C++, 
rather than fighting Tcl/Tk).

> Why not run three instances of midifile or even textfile with the same 
> data?

yes, this is what i'm already doing. the problem is generating said 
midifile/textfiles in the first place.

>> - easy access to velocity and note duration
> Do you mean that the thing should output the duration at the same time 
> as the note-on, or the file should be readable in a text editor?

no, i mean that i should be able to easily see and edit the duration and 
the velocity without having to think or do much work. see above..

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