[PD] sequencer app for osx

Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Mon Aug 11 23:00:14 CEST 2008

> i don't believe it's do-able in Pd, not without a ridiculous amount of 
> work, and i'm too lazy to do the work myself (and if i wasn't, i'd do it 
> from scratch in a different programming language eg Processing or C++, 
> rather than fighting Tcl/Tk).

  I started a tcl-tk piano-roll project, with no knowledge of tcl-tk 
language, no one proposed to help, no one did care, I stopped the 
project because the external toxy for building widgets is not any more 


I've also tried to make one with tk-inter with using pyext, is rather 
horrible, even more difficult than using toxy syntax.

I've learned a lot about data structure, it's crappy for drawing but not 
for sequencing (because it's faster than any message system), it's even 
the best thing in pd for sequencing messages, without using the old MIDI 
midi protocol as it is handled by pd internal objects.

I believe that it would be possible to make something good with using 
Gem for interfacing the sequencer, data structures for sequencing 
messages, I'll try to waste my time on this as well.

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