[PD] [Style Guide] 1. Separators in Send/Receive/Value names

Steffen Juul stffn at dibidut.dk
Wed Aug 13 09:52:34 CEST 2008

On 13/08/2008, at 9.27, Luke Iannini wrote:

> I think we should adopt "-" for spaces, since it's the most prevalent
> style I've encountered.

I personal don't care if it's dash or underscore or camelCase.

> And, I think whatever we decide on as the
> hierarchical separator should be used to separate $0, $1 etc from the
> name itself.  When creating a hierarchy in a send/receive, one usually
> gloms together keys from parent abstractions, e.g. start with
> /bigsynth, then inside pass $1/filter to a child abstraction, then
> inside that use $1/cutoff to get /bigsynth/filter/cutoff.  I see $0 as
> no different; it means (or, is used to mean) "this-instance"/cutoff,
> and thus should be separated accordingly.

I agree.

> And, I have a slight leaning towards "." over "/" as the send/receive
> hierarchical separator since it provides a distinction from OSC
> addresses and namespaces.

I would be cool if you/someone could cook up some use case examples  
of this to makes things more clear in a practical way and less  
theoretical/bikeshedcolor-like. I think Frank suggested similar  
earlier on.

Ps. I think it's very cool that you attempt this work, and also  
honorable (though i hate that word) that you follow up on it and  
organize peoples opinions into a wiki-page. Maillists are such a  
terrible structured kind of "documentation".

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