[PD] Csound opcode Moogladder to Pd

Anton Hörnquist anton.hornquist at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 09:18:38 CEST 2008

> I now made a version where cutoff and resonance are signals.  This
> version is a bit more CPU intensive now, as some computations had to
> move into the DSP loop to react to the changes in center frequency.

Awesome! To my ears it sounds great - very close to the Csound-version.

> I played a bit with a rational tanh approximation from the music-dsp
> list but it didn't sound good anymore. If someone wants to play with
> other approximations e.g. table lookup: Just change the function
> "mytanh".

Some optimizations are needed for reducing cpu load, true, I'll look into it.

> The filter response gets nasty and loud if the center frequency is near
> or above the sampling rate. Maybe it should be restricted as well. But
> then, resonance at 1 will make everyone jump, too...

Yeah I noticed that aswell. I think the Csound-version has cutoff
restricted to 0...1, which is 0...11050 in hertz.

Thanks again.


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