[PD] 'pure' pd DSP abstractions wanted!

Jamie Bullock jamie at postlude.co.uk
Fri Aug 29 13:50:33 CEST 2008

On Fri, 2008-08-29 at 07:38 -0400, Mitchell Turner wrote:
> Jamie,
> I'm not sure this fits in with your project.  I have an abstraction
> that allows easy interface between Pd and the REMOTE SL Zero
> (Novation).  
> Let me know if you want to include it or take a look at it.

That sounds really great! So long as it doesn't require any externals,
or it could easily be adapted to not use externals, I am interested.
BTW, although I asked for 'DSP' abstractions, I'm really looking for
anything that provides a useful 'higher level' functionality, and this
nicely fits the bill!

Please feel free to send it either privately, on list, or via the web,
and let me know what license you would consider it to be covered by.




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