[PD] wiimote and OSCroute

philippe boisnard philemon1 at mac.com
Sun Aug 31 08:38:26 CEST 2008


I present my self, philippe boisnard, french artist. I work on mac.
currently, I work on the connection between wiimote and puredata, to  
create a video live performance.
I don't have problem to connection thanks to darwiinremote. But my  
problem comes with recovery wiimote's data.
I tried to separate the data with unpack ([oscD] -> [unpack]), but  
there are many error. I tried with [OSCroute] and I have many error  
to. I can't create a patch that works good.
I believe that, on mac, we don't have [packOSC] and [unpackOSC],  
isn't it ?

How can I to do, to recovery each data ?

best regards

philippe b

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