[PD] ssb / sdr

ydegoyon ydegoyon at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 07:30:27 CEST 2008

> its how Lou from Barcelona running 1.7kW sounds as good as Radio Exterior Espana running 250 kW or something insane
i don't get that sentence, at all,
but my brain is on holidays up to now,

anyway if you're in bcn tomorrow, you can check out :

en Chandal : 20h - 22h
c/ Valldonzella 29
metro Universitat
--- dj alsoknownas [artkillart]
--- d.R.e.G.s 'pervasive/evasive noise'
--- colonel midi 'unstable acid analog live' [cofidiscs]

en Barato : 22h - 0h30
c/ de Sant Pacià, Raval
metro Liceu, Drassanes, Paral-lel
--- borja & jano [sonom.org]
--- entartete elektronische [rybn]

& surprise guests !

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