[PD] making gem units be pixels

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 19:35:16 CEST 2008

Thomas Grill wrote:
> Hi,
> for that i normally use abstractions that do the coordinate 
> transformation after the gemhead without changing the camera (see 
> attachment: vis-test uses the other files).
> But, since for a project i'm working on a more general solution for 
> simple UI widgets in gem including mouse and keyboard interaction, that 
> brings me to the question if anyone has already done something like 
> that. One would assume yes....
> gr~~~

I did a lot of mouse interaction stuff in gem, although only 2d, because 
3d needs depth test, which I avoided until now. but yes, it is always a 
lot of translations. I have some objects that do mouseover detection on 
circles and rectangles and options to drag them around whithout. I think 
pdmtl has some of that, too(?).

basically these are separate objects that can be hooked up to shapesand 
control the interaction. do you want me to post them?


> Am 03.09.2008 um 18:08 schrieb marius schebella:
>> hi,
>> after fuzzing around with 3d to pix conversions for the xth time, I 
>> thought it should also be possible to set the camera to a point that 
>> just allows to have all units in pixels with the 0/0 in the top left 
>> corner.
>> the only way to get this working was to set the camera to a negative z 
>> position and flip the upvector. the problem with that is, that all 
>> images will be vertically flipped, too.
>> so I wonder whether there could be a general gemwin switch to flip + 
>> and - on the y axis?
>> and again, it would be extremely cool to have a possibility to read 
>> out the curent size of the gemwin.
>> thanks,
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