[PD] Setting a variable in abstractions

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Thu Sep 4 00:31:08 CEST 2008

Hey Simone,

the only thing I see in the patch is that you should remove the number 
box inline in the "MIDI to DEGREES" section. Inline GUI elements can 
slow down a patch, especially when visible. Also, do you really want the 
CC input to change the size of the font in the [text2d], because that's 
what it does now ;-)

Besides that, you may want to have a look at your system config. Linux, 
right? In that case, you should make sure that OpenGL is configured 
properly, and that you have 3d acceleration enabled, otherwise all the 
GEM stuff will be done by the CPU which could also slow things down a 
little or a lot. There's plenty of docs online for whatever distro you 
are using...

Also, try not to run GEM stuff in the same PD patch as audio stuff (I 
mentioned this during the workshop). Running separate instances of PD, 
one for audio and one for GEM, connected with [netsend] objects or OSC, 
should do the trick.


simone-www.io-lab.org wrote:
> hi
> I hope it s fine with top posting but the issue now is drifting off-topic:
> the patch works as a charm now, thanks again, but (there is always a
> but) somehow the incoming MIDI messages are slowed down.
> I tried to monitor the MIDI in and can see how when i turn the
> rendering on all the MIDI income gets slowed down terribly.
> Is there any known issue with GEM and MIDI or anything i have to check
> on my machine?
> GEM+sending messages from within PD worked flawlessly, CPU is not
> hogged, jack runs smoothly.
> I am attaching the patch but without the font file generating the 7bit
> midi value

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