[PD] Setting a variable in abstractions

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Thu Sep 4 00:36:56 CEST 2008

Last thing, maybe replace the [loadbang] connected directly to the 
[gemhead] objects with a [loadbang] connected to a "1" message to turn 
on rendering instead of force it (see helpfile for [gemhead]).


simone-www.io-lab.org wrote:
> hi
> I hope it s fine with top posting but the issue now is drifting off-topic:
> the patch works as a charm now, thanks again, but (there is always a
> but) somehow the incoming MIDI messages are slowed down.
> I tried to monitor the MIDI in and can see how when i turn the
> rendering on all the MIDI income gets slowed down terribly.
> Is there any known issue with GEM and MIDI or anything i have to check
> on my machine?
> GEM+sending messages from within PD worked flawlessly, CPU is not
> hogged, jack runs smoothly.
> I am attaching the patch but without the font file generating the 7bit
> midi value

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