[PD] how to locate soundfiles in the "read" object under OS X

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Sep 8 11:25:33 CEST 2008

Lao Yu wrote:
> IOhannes,
> the only resource concerning relative paths I found is this:
> ~ Home directory: can use '~username' as well.
> / Root directory: all folders are located within or below this one.
> . Current working directory: your current relative location.
> ./ Same as above.
> .. Directory above your current relative location.
> ../ Same as above.
> Is this exhaustive? From what you say, I wouldn't understand how another 
> machine running OS X would fail to locate this file to load :
> /volumes/drive-name/folder/file

i was merely indicating that another machine running OS X will probably 
have a different naming and thus will break. no magic involved.
for one thing, which HFS/HFS+ seem to be case-insensitive, your 
"/volumes" might work, but there are people who managed to setup OSX on 
case-sensitive file-systems that _require_ "/Volumes"

and anyhow: what i really wanted to say is: i have a file "scream.wav" 
sitting in my Project "iowa" on my powerbook.
i am pretty sure that if i were using it's full path 
"/Volumes/PowerBoook/Users/zmoelnig/projects/iowa/scream.wav" in my 
patch, i couldn't "just" share it with you (regardless of your operating 


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