[PD] Capturing computer s own video stream

Jamie Bullock jamie at postlude.co.uk
Mon Sep 8 22:11:07 CEST 2008

On Mon, 2008-09-08 at 19:52 +0200, simone-www.io-lab.org wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 6:52 PM, Jamie Bullock <jamie at postlude.co.uk> wrote:
> > On Sun, 2008-09-07 at 12:08 +0200, simone-www.io-lab.org wrote:
> >> hi (again)
> >> i would like to be able to capture part of the screen of the computer
> >> where pure data is running: some kind of video snapshot in real time.
> >> For example: get a window 400x400 offset 600+400 on screen:0 and send
> >> it to position 0+0 to screen:1 or send it to another machine via OSC
> >> Simone
> >
> > If you are on Linux, I recommend (gtk-)recordmydesktop. It does what it
> > says on the tin!
> hi yes i am on linux, but before i start another new adventure, can i
> use this program to stream over a pd application or not --

Sorry, I only read the first half of your post. recordmydesktop will
only output ogg theora files AFAIK.  xvidcap OTOH can output in a
variety of formats and also write to a unix pipe, so theoretically you
could do:

mkfifo your_pipe
xvidcap -your_flags --file - > your_pipe

Then open the named pipe in your video player of choice. I've found
xvidcap to be pretty flaky and tricky to figure out though.



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