[PD] questions about Firmata and [arduino]

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Sep 10 00:27:55 CEST 2008

On Mon, 8 Sep 2008, Adityo Pratomo wrote:

> Hi there everyone. Lately i've been working with an arduino board loaded
> with the firmata firmware and then i use the [arduino] object to read the
> input from the sensor that connected to the board's input port. For the
> firmware, i choose to upload the simple_digital_firmata code from the
> Library-Firmata example. And everything just went well. After some
> examination, i made an assumption that this code is actually doing the
> almost same thing done by the [arduino] object.
> So my questions are is my my assumption true? if so, is the firmata code is
> used by the arduino board so that it can communicate with the computer, and
> the [arduino] object will maps those I/Os from the board to the pd?

That is correct.

> Actually
> what does the [arduino] object does when it's started up for the first time?

Nothing really, until you send an "open" message.  The [arduino] object 
just handles communications with Firmata on the Arduino.

> The last question is Why can't i get the [arduino] board to respond when i
> upload the standard_firmata code?

My guess is that you did not enable the digital/analog input 
reporting.  With the simple examples, the data is always sent from the 
Arduino.  With StandardFirmata, you can turn the sending of data on and 
off, so that you only get the data that you want.  Check out the right 
side of arduino-test.pd to see what I am talking about.


> Thank you so much every body, sorry for the long questions, i'm so curious
> here :)


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