[PD] [PD-announce] Pduino 0.4beta2 and Firmata0.4beta3 released

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Sep 10 20:48:45 CEST 2008

On Sep 10, 2008, at 8:35 AM, Koray Tahiroglu wrote:

> hello Hans,
> I was just testing Firmata0.4beta3, seems like now we have  
> different firmata folders for different types of sensors as well.  
> Do you think there will be also a firmata solution for an earlier  
> pulse-echo problem we had with ultrasound or accelerometer sensors?  
> We have a firmware for these sensors but it would be nice if this  
> firmware  could also be accessible through Pduino. Do you think it  
> is possible?

It should be quite straightforward to make such a firmware now that  
Firmata is a library.  Basically, just take a working pulseIn/ 
ultrasound firmware and replace the Serial stuff with the Firmata  
library.  I am aiming to get Firmata in Arduino 0012, then it should  
be quite easy to do since Firmata will be installed.

Then you would use the same [arduino] object to talk to that firmware  
to get the ultrasound values.

> analog sensors work fine with SimpleAnalogFirmata and StandardFirmata.
> -- AnalogFirmata.pde, it cannot include Servo.h, no such file or  
> directory error. There is no servo.h file under Firmata folder.
> -- same error with ServoFirmata.pde
> do we need to target servo.h to somewhere else in firmware?

The ServoFirmata example is designed to be used with the new Servo  
library that will be included in Arduino 0012.  Things are in a  
slightly odd state because this is the final release before it gets  
included into the Arduino package.  Then you won't need to download  
Firmata anymore, just Pduino/[arduino].


> Koray
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>> Hey all,
>> I think I fixed all of the outstanding bugs and I added a nifty GUI
>> reset feature to arduino-test.pd, so I am making hopefully the last
>> beta release of Pduino 0.4beta2 and Firmata0.4beta3.  It looks like
>> Pduino is ready for primetime!  Please test it and let me know if you
>> find any problems.
>> http://at.or.at/hans/pd/objects.html#pduino
>> Once Firmata 0.4 is released, it should be included in either Arduino
>> 0012 or Arduino 0013.
>> .hc


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