[PD] cheapest possibility, many audio players or outputs

smilingmolecule smilingmolecule at web.de
Thu Sep 11 17:57:16 CEST 2008

hallo list,

i know this is not a special pd question but i think there are some 
points which touch pd. i ask this question here cause i think maybe here 
are some people which are familiar with this.

i am planing to do something like an art sound installation.
many different speakers should be placed in a room, and every speaker 
should do a different sound.

now i need a cheap possibility to get as many audio units as possible.

i am thinking about two ways of realizing that stuff.

first version of my project works with autark/isolated sound. so for 
example, every sound objekt in the instalation has an audioplayer and a 

the second version is that all speakers are connected to a computer, so 
i need many outputs at the sound card, and only many speakers. in this 
version the speakers could for example interact, or do other serialized 
actions, managed by puredate.

i dont have so much money.
what do you think is the cheapest way to realize what i want to do.

the sound doesnt have to be verry good and mono is enough.

a friend of mine owns a little key hanger, on which you can press to get 
some funny spoken words of a german singer artist. i think it was very 
maybe an advanced version of this would be enough for my needs.

have a nice day

best regards
robert grah

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