[PD] cheapest possibility, many audio players or outputs

smilingmolecule smilingmolecule at web.de
Thu Sep 11 21:14:56 CEST 2008

thanks for the replies.

i thought about using fm transmitter with old radios would be an idea 
too, if something wireless is needed. i like the idea.

if i dont use the connected version, the playing should be in random mode.
maybe cheap active speakers and used minidiscplayers with random mode 
are a way to do it.

i also thought about building my own sample and hold units. maybe there 
are some nice circles in the web.

when i calculate all the possibilites named before, i get the result 
that a good audio device is cheaper and gives me more possibilities. 
anyhow i like the other ways.
i found the esi gigaport hd for around 150 €. this is a good price for 8 
output channels. but i think it wont run under linux. but this is 
another problem. its much cheaper like the firepod. for the beginning 
this seems enough.

the relay idea is a nice one too, i dont need sound on every channel the 
same time, but it would be nice. but i think the technical realization 
is many work.

what do you think,which is the easiest way to amplify the single 
signals. what amplifier method do this little active speaker for pc use? 
i think this would be enough power for high frequencies. for the deeper 
i will take old carhifi equipment i think.

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