[PD] New version of plugin~

Jacob Lee artdent at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 10:12:43 CEST 2008

As hinted at in an earlier email (thanks for the help!), I have a new
version of plugin~. It supports two new messages:

bind foo - listens for messages sent to foo-gain, foo-drive, etc. You
can bind sliders, sssad objects, etc. to the same names and have
everything just work.

bindscaled foo - the same, but translates messages from the 0-127
range into the range appropriate for that parameter (as defined by the
ladspa plugin). If anyone has a pithier name for this message, I'm all

I also went through and fixed several segfaults, mostly relating to
messages sent without a plugin being loaded. Also, specifying a
library file as a name without a full path now works whether or not
LADSPA_PATH is defined.

I've posted my version at
http://artdent.homelinux.net/publicsvn/plugin~/ . I've only tested it
on Linux, as the SConstruct file needs some more work to be
cross-platform and to integrate with the pd-extended scons scripts.

I'd be keen to see this get into the main svn repository (pending, of
course, any fixes, improvements, etc). Should I make a patch file and
add it to the patch tracker? Given the number of files involved, it
might be easier to just check in the whole directory.

These extra messages have simplified some of my patches quite nicely;
I hope they're useful to others in the same way.

(Also, side note to Thomas Grill: stupidly, I had been compiling flext
from the (out-of-date) sourceforge repository. With the latest version
from the correct repo, the autotools build works perfectly and does
indeed require no more information than the path to the pd sources.)

Jacob Lee
artdent at gmail.com

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