[PD] mrpeach client-server file sharing

patco pat at mamalala.org
Wed Sep 17 01:40:28 CEST 2008

Hi, after discussing on #dataflow channel, I've found a method with
using ClaudiusMaximus's posix objet


 attached is the solution I've found

I might try use also [binfile] or [textfile] for downloading larger
files paquet by paquet,

thank you

Le mardi 16 septembre 2008 à 18:56 -0400, Martin Peach a écrit :
> patco wrote:
> > Hello, I need to send an image file from a gem computer to another,
> > mrpeach socket objects can open and send a file, but how do we retrieve
> > the file? We get strings on the client and I've no clue how to convert
> > this to a file on the hard drive,
> > 
> You could load the data into a table and then save it.
> Martin
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