[PD] [import]ing libdirs from places other than extra/?

Luke Iannini lukexipd at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 13:24:57 CEST 2008

Hi hans/all,
I'm trying to switch my entire library of patches over to [import] and
removing everything from my path to decrease loading time of my very
nested patches.

Everything worked great for the libdirs in extra (in the
Pd-extended.app bundle), but I'm not having any luck [import]ing from
anywhere else (i.e. my personal patch collection).  According to
, I was under the impression I could add libdirs (which I have added
-meta.pd files to) to ~/Library/Pd or /Library/Pd and [import] would
find them.

But, I'm unable to instantiate any of the patches in my libdirs after
doing this and [import]ing them.

[import] does not, at least, complain, when I instantiate it
(i.e. I get "libdir_loader: added 'Concepts' to the canvas-local
objectclass path" rather than "error: [import]: ERROR: can't load
library in 'Concepttt'")
so, something is working.

Moving my directories into extra/ fixes the problem, but I'd rather not do that!

Also, is it defined at a source level that ~/Library/Pd and
/Library/Pd are the only places libdirs can be loaded from (I couldn't
find it i so)?  Or, is is just that every folder in the global path is
searched for libdirs (or, at least, is that how it's meant to be)?


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