[PD] recommendations for usb (firewire?) audio interfaces?

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Mon Sep 22 18:21:19 CEST 2008

Hey all,

I'm looking for my first decent audio interface, as I'm getting more in
to sound and will start working on my first audio installation.

I would like something with 3-4 mic inputs, and about 4-8 total inputs
and outputs.

I was looking at devices such as the m-audio fast track ultra, but it
appears to not work very well under linux. Seems that that device is not
fully duplex either, (due to usb?). I also looked at some firewire
devices (like the echo fireaudio4), but that one looks currently
unsupported by freebob.

Lots of the other devices on freebob seem to no longer be sold. (m-audio
stuff in particular)

The reason I was thinking usb is that it would work on all my machines,
as they don't all have firewire. Firewire would be ok, if the device was
easy to set up, really worked and was stable (especially for
installation). My installation machines all have firewire, just not my

So anyone have any recommendations? I looked through the archives, but
it seems most of those cards are now out of date. Oh and it would be
nice if the device was around $500US.

Things I'm interested in doing with the card:
using a mmic array to track the position of sound emitting objects
(without amazing precision), and recording environmental sounds in

Thanks all for your time,
B. Bogart

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