[PD] recommendations for usb (firewire?) audio interfaces?

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Tue Sep 23 19:08:44 CEST 2008

Thanks all for the recommendations.

I have actually used an FA101 before, it lived in my old research lab. I
had never used it under linux, only OSX.

It seems two mic inputs is the norm.

Being new to audio stuff, what is the difference between the XLR and 1/4
jack inputs? I know the mic inputs are amplified, but how does that
effect what mics can be used?

For my tracking application there will be an array of 3 mics on three
axes. The idea is that I'll measure the difference in timing for the
sound to reach each mic and triangulate.

So for this application what type of mics are best? (As in is it a
problem that there are only two preamp inputs?)

I'm thinking the FA66 currently.

How easy is the freebob setup nowadays?

One thing that is driving me crazy about my onboard audio chips is the
idiot names that come up in alsamixer. I have no idea what is what
because the channels don't have names that make any sense.

Do higher end interfaces have more useful/sensible channel labels? like
Line in 1-4, mic in 5-6 etc..?

Thanks again.
B. Bogart

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