[PD] pyext compile ubuntu

patco pat at mamalala.org
Wed Sep 24 16:42:50 CEST 2008


I've just downloaded flext and py sources from svn, and tried with both
python 2.4 and 2.5, same errors:

$ bash ../flext/build.sh pd gcc build
make -f ../flext/buildsys/gnumake-sub.mak PLATFORM=lnx RTSYS=pd
COMPILER=gcc BUILDPATH=../flext/buildsys/ PKGINFO=package.txt
BUILDCLASS=ext USRCONFIG=config.txt USRMAKE=build/gnumake-lnx-gcc.inc
make[1]: entrant dans le répertoire « /home/patco/Bureau/pd-devel/py »
mkdir -p pd-linux/release-multi
mkdir -p pd-linux/release-multi/
g++ -c -msse -mfpmath=sse -ffast-math -O3 -march=pentium4   -pthread
-DFLEXT_SYS=2 -DPD -I/usr/include/python2.5
-I/home/patco/Bureau/pd-devel/pd/src -I/usr/include/stk
-I/usr/include/sndobj -I/usr/include/flext source/main.cpp -o
In file included from source/pybase.h:16,
                 from source/main.cpp:13:
source/main.h:34: erreur: expected class-name before «{» token
In file included from source/main.cpp:13:
/usr/include/flext/flcontainers.h: In member function «void
TypedFifo<T>::Put(T*) [with T = FifoEl]»:
source/pybase.h:181:   instantiated from here
/usr/include/flext/flcontainers.h:456: erreur: no matching function for
call to «TypedFifo<FifoEl>::Put(FifoEl*)»
/usr/include/flext/flcontainers.h:405: note: candidats sont: void
/usr/include/flext/flcontainers.h: In member function «T*
TypedLifo<T>::Pop() [with T = FifoEl]»:
/usr/include/flext/flcontainers.h:466:   instantiated from «T*
PooledFifo<T, M, O>::New() [with T = FifoEl, int M = 2, int O = 1]»
source/pybase.h:179:   instantiated from here
/usr/include/flext/flcontainers.h:380: erreur: invalid static_cast from
type «Lifo::Cell*» to type «FifoEl*»
make[1]: *** [pd-linux/release-multi/main.opp] Erreur 1
make[1]: quittant le répertoire « /home/patco/Bureau/pd-devel/py »
make: *** [build-release-multi] Erreur 2

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