[PD] extract of digital interactive poetry (puredata + wiimote)

philippe boisnard philemon1 at mac.com
Sun Sep 28 08:06:33 CEST 2008

I present you my last work with [pure-data~] and the wiimote/nunchuck  
(thx Kilshaw for the wiimoteosc patch, that I adapted at my own  
It's a digital interactive poetry, where you can navigate in 3D.
In this work : 3Dhand, sound, and all movement are in interactivity  
with wiimote and nunchuck.


I do a demonstration of this, the 10 october at Paris (France) Hôtel  
Massa (Société des gens de lettres) and end october during the  
festival "Access" (digital art and poetry festival) (Pau / France)

best regards

philippe b.

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