[PD] new vanilla list-abs: list-slice, list-value and more

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Sep 30 00:07:01 CEST 2008

Steffen Juul hat gesagt: // Steffen Juul wrote:

> @Frank: Would you mind pointing out what (minimum) requirements you  
> have for accepting new list-abs? Except for it to be vanilla and not  
> using [prefix/someobj], that i'm guessing is a rule.

The minimal requirements for an abstraction in [list]-abs would be: no
externals, a well written help file, Pd's BSDish license, and it has
to do something with lists. 

I would also like to keep the [list]-abs as simple/elegant as
possible. (That's actually the only reason list-order or list-sort
aren't in yet: The implementations I've seen are rather complex, but I
don't know of a simpler way myself. Probably [list sort] should become
a builtin function of [list].) 

OTOH they shouldn't be too simple: I must admit that in the first wave
of creating the abstractions I didn't resist writing and including
some trivial ones myself (I probably wouldn't include list-emath etc.
again, as [list-map] etc.  are better), but now they are in and may be
in use somewhere. :(

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