[PD] pduino and xbee

nick burge tectp at telefonica.net
Tue Sep 30 22:22:19 CEST 2008

Thanks Hans, I'll try the new firmware.


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The arduino forums are probably a better place for this question. But...

I'd guess the StandardFirmata firmware (now included in Arduino 0012) should
work. If the StandardFirmata firmware doesn't work, then it is possible to
write a simple firmware using the Firmata arduino library that does support
the xbee. But I've never used one myself.


On Sep 25, 2008, at 5:34 PM, nick burge wrote:

Hello list. Does anyone know if pduino/firmata is compatible with using the
xbee shield on an arduino??
I know the arduino for pd input system works with it. But its only good for
analog input. 
thanks. Nick Burge.
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