[PD] pd-extended on Gentoo

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Sat Oct 4 02:57:20 CEST 2008


I just tried installing the Gentoo Pd-Extended Ebuild following these  


The Ebuild compiles cleanly, which is quite cool because looking at  
the whole thing happening, you realize how much stuff is actually in  

However, I have some problems to report:

1) Is there any reason why JACK support is not included in the Ebuild?  
I know I could hack it myself and include the USE flag, but I wonder  
if it was a conscious choice or not...

2) I had to manually do the following:


I think this is a common problem with all Pd-Extended packages, that  
the package manager doesn't do the final step of configuring Pd. Could  
this be improved?
In particular, this is exactly what "etc-update" on Gentoo would be  
good for, since it allows you to compare and merge changes rather than  
simply overwrite files.

3) Some libs/objects/abs still don't load, notably Gem, arduino,  
list-abs, memento, pddp, pixeltango, rradical, jmmmp, pdp, pidip...  
and I'm sure there are others. Path problem with the pdsettings perhaps?

4) I don't know how stable 0.40 is for me compared to 0.39. I still  
get lots of unexpected crashes and such on both Linux and OSX. Is  
there a 0.39 extended Ebuild kicking around anywhere?

As usual, help appreciated!


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