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Damian Stewart damian at frey.co.nz
Tue Oct 7 10:22:27 CEST 2008

hey alls,

i added the multiplication-by-ff1 fix that Chuck (i think it was Chuck)
suggested and wrapped it up into d-biquad~.pd (i'm not trying to claim
anyone else's work as mine - 'd-' is just the prefix i use to name all my
classes - there's a comment in the patch itself explaining where it comes
from, and when i get around to doing a proper release, proper credit will
be given in any documentation ;-)

so - the result is attached. the sequence was originally done in Ableton
Live, and recorded as MIDI data (see the [midirecplay] abstraction) to the
notes.qlist file. (i'm about to start learning tcl/tk so hopefully an
Ableton MIDI sequencer clone GUI object should be appearing soon enough...)

it uses the reverb and feedback delay from dinosaurs, a nice little bus
abstraction (a concept that i borrowed from Roman Hafaeli), as well as my
808 hihats and cowbell and Roman's 808 kick and claps.

it requires Guenter Geiger's ggee library, so best open with pd-extended.
you might also see some errors around a missing object called 'rj_centroid'
(unless you've been to one of the RJ sprints ;-) ) and something called
d_pitchiness~ - don't worry about those, i'm not actually using the

also another nice trick i discovered by accident - the kick is very late
(there's a [pipe 10] on the kick trigger data), which gives it a nice funky
lean. a nice next stage would be to alter the delay depending on which note
in the bar we're on - shorter delay for 0 and 2 and a longer delay for 1
and 3 - or perhaps the other way round. even nicer would be to work out
some kind of sinusoidal rhythmic pattern overall - i know from many hours
boogying to techno that good rhythms are all about circles...... anyways.

it's just an endless loop at this stage, but a constant drift in the
filtering on the synth and the bass makes it interesting to listen to over
time, i think.

let me know your thoughts...


damian stewart | skype: damiansnz | damian at frey.co.nz
frey | live art with machines | http://www.frey.co.nz

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