[PD] looking for a Workshop person - Arduino, etc

Tim Boykett tim at timesup.org
Tue Oct 7 20:43:57 CEST 2008

Hi PDers,

   a friend from the local arts university student union has asked me
whether I know of someone who could do a workshop on the Arduino
and using it with Max and/or PD. The workshop should happen this
semester (up to Feb 2009) for two days or so. The Uni is in Linz,
Austria. There is some money for it.

This might work well for a travelling musician or artist who
is close by, or someone from Czech Rep. or Austria needing a side job.  
I would
find it interesting to also offer them a PD workshop or something
similar, perhaps PDP or Gridflow or whatever other bits are cool and
sexy this time of the year.

It would be good to be biligual (German and English). Either contact
me or Jakob at jakob at bunostik.org for further details.



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