[PD] digital write problem in Pduino

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Wed Oct 8 16:38:46 CEST 2008

Hey all,

I'm using the new Pduino 0.4beta2 and Firmata0.4beta3 with Pd-Extended 
0.39 and 0.40 and an Arduino NG (Atmega16 IC) to control 10 separate 
LEDs via the Digital Write pins 2-12. Each has the possibility to blink 
at a different speed. What I've discovered is that if I have more than 6 
or 7 LEDs blinking at different speeds, there is cross-talk between the 
channels causing the LEDs to blink at wrong intervals (but not in 
unison), including the onboard one on the Arduino board on Pin 13 which 
I'm not even sending messages to!

I don't believe it is an electrical problem, as the wiring is quite 
simple and I decoupled the outputs to the LEDs after the problem first 
occurred. In fact, the problem persists even when I remove any and all 
of my own electronics from the circuit!

The blink interval is something in the area of 200-500 miliseconds, 
certainly slow enough for the comport. Could it be trouble with some of 
the objects in the [arduino] abstraction?

Any and all suggestions appreciated, as this project needs to go out the 
door tomorrow morning!
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